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Sokoban solvers are programs that solve sokoban levels. There are many programs available that can solve Sokoban levels (see Sokoban solvers).

There are different solver types:

  1. Solvers which just try to find any solution
  2. Solvers which try to find push optimal solutions
  3. Solvers which try to find push optimal solutions with best moves
  4. Solvers which try to find move optimal solutions
  5. Solvers which try to find move optimal solutions with best pushes

Usually a solver is designed to just find any solution. If the solution is to be optimized an optimizer program can be used (Optimizers).

To get an impression of what levels are solvable by which solver here are some statistics.
For copyrights, credits and redistribution of these statistics, please read the disclaimer.

Solver Statistics - Solved Levels
Collection Author Levels BoxSearch Takaken YASS JSoko
Aymeric Aymeric du Peloux 282 282 282 282 282
BoxWorld Various Authors 100 87 98 93 82
Grigr2001 Evgeny Grigoriev 100 93 94 93 91
Grigr2002 Evgeny Grigoriev 40 37 36 38 34
GrigrSpecial Evgeny Grigoriev 40 39 40 40 39
Holland David Holland 81 56 64 57 55
Kenyam Set A Kenya Maruyama 52 48 50 51 45
Microban David W. Skinner 155 155 155 155 155
Microban II David W. Skinner 135 134 134 135 135
Sasquatch David W. Skinner 50 22 35 26 28
Sasquatch II David W. Skinner 50 16 32 19 18
Sasquatch III David W. Skinner 50 14 20 13 12
Sasquatch IV David W. Skinner 50 27 36 30 25
Sasquatch V David W. Skinner 50 30 36 28 25
Sasquatch VI David W. Skinner 50 30 31 25 26
Sasquatch VII David W. Skinner 50 30 31 26 25
SokEvo Lee J Haywood 107 107 107 107 107
SokHard Lee J Haywood 163 163 163 163 158
Sven Sven Egevad 1623 1170 1363 1250 1147
XSokoban Thinking Rabbit, ... 90 42 86 85 71
Y.M. AutoYoshio Murase 52 52 52 52 52
Y.M. Handmade Yoshio Murase 54 54 54 52 52
Total 3424 2688 2999 2820 2664

The statistics show that the different solvers have advantages and disadvantages depending on the level type. Therefore it's worth trying several solvers when a level seems unsolvable. It's highly level-dependent on how a solver performs.



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JSoko Copyright (C) by Matthias Meger E-mail: Web site:
Sokoban Automatic Solver (aka Takaken solver) Copyright (C) 2002 - 200X Ken'ichiro Takahashi (aka takaken) E-mail: Web site:
YASS - Yet Another Sokoban Solver and Optimizer - For Small Levels Copyright (C) 2007 by Brian Damgaard E-mail: Web site:
CosmoNotes, CosmoPoly, LOMA, MicroCosmos, MiniCosmos, NaboCosmos and PicoCosmos level sets Copyright (C) by Aymeric du Peloux. E-mail: Web site: unknown
dh1, dh2, bagatelle, cantrip, and maelstrom level sets Copyright (C) by David Holland E-mail: unknown Web site: unknown
Microban, Mas Microban, Sasquatch, Mas Sasquatch, Sasquatch III, Sasquatch IV, Sasquatch V, Sasquatch VI and Sasquatch VII level sets. Copyright (C) by David W. Skinner E-mail: Web site: unknown
Grigr2001, Grigr2002 and GrigrSpecial level sets Copyright (C) by Evgeny Grigoriev (aka GRIGoRusha) E-mail: Web site:
Kenyam Set A Copyright (C) 2000-2006 by Kenya Maruyama E-mail: Web Site:
SokEvo and SokHard level sets Copyright (C) 2002-2006 by Lee J Haywood E-mail: Web Site:
Sven level set Copyright (C) 2007 by Sven Egevad E-mail: Web Site: unknown
Y.M. Auto and Y.M. Handmade level sets Copyright (C) Yoshio Murase E-mail: Web Site:
Box World Copyright (C) 1998 by Jeng-Long Jiang E-mail: unknown Web Site: unknown
Sokofan Copyright (C) 2005-2007 by Eric Leung E-mail: Web Site:
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