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This is a summary of running the Microban collection (155 levels total) using these solvers:
• BoxSearch v5.1 beta2
• JSoko 1.35
• Takaken v7.1
• YASS v2.95

Each solver is tested separately to ensure that they don't compete for system resources.

For copyrights, credits and redistribution of these statistics, please read the disclaimer.

Though some people might be interested in how long it takes to solve a given level and/or how good the solution is (optimal or not), this summary disregards all timing associated with solving the levels and solution statistics. These tests are mainly for gauging solvability, not timing nor how good the solution is.

Not all Sokoban solvers are created equal:

  • BoxSearch: (level size limit: none)
  • JSoko: (level size limit: width=40, height=40)
  • Takaken: (level size limit: width=32, height=20, Boxes=50)
  • YASS: (level size limit: width=50, height=50)

Test machine info:

  • Machine: ThinkPad T42P
  • CPU: x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 6 Genuine Intel
  • Physical RAM: 2 GB
  • OS Name & Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional v5.12600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600.
  • NOTE: The JSoko results are tested on a Samsung Aura Dillen Core 2 Duo T9300 (2,5 GHz) with 3 GiB RAM, OS: Vista Home (Service Pack 1), JRE: 1.6.02_12

Initial tests:

  • BoxSearch is set with max memory limit of 1500 MB and 600 seconds. (using quick mode)
  • JSoko is set with 1500 MB memory and 600 second limit. (any solution method)
  • Takaken is set with 1000 MB memory and 600 second limit.
  • YASS is set with 1500 MB memory and 600 second limit.

Further tests:

All solvers mentioned here solved all levels in this collection.

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