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This is a try to use this wiki.

A question: As yahoo sokoban group is the center of sokoban player, Is here the center of soko programmer? Specially, do all the soko-opimizer programmers( Brian Damgaard, Matthias Meger, me) and advisor (Minglw) try to use this as "information center"? If there already exist a mail list, I can join that.

Hello Ge Yong! It's great that you have "joined" this Wiki. The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a platform offering all information about Sokoban. There is a great article about the features of the common Sokoban programs, links to other sites, ...

It would be great if this Wiki became the center of soko programmers. Brian Damgaard and me we have a lot of mail correspondence. It's great to have someone for talking about ideas, algorithms, ... around Sokoban. Putting new ideas to working code is a lot easier when you work in a team. Therefore I hope we can work together on topics like solvers, optimizers, ... Yet, there doesn't exist any mail list. However, we can create one if needed. I think the advantages of the Wiki are:

  1. the information are public available (I know that some "non programmers" also want to read the information and make suggestions)
  2. the information can be structured and corrected by every registered person
  3. it's possible to use images, style formats (bold text, colored text, ...)

Of course, there are also disadvantages:

  1. mails come one after the other. In the Wiki everybody can change everywhere. Therefore it's more difficult to stay up to date (what has changed, which new information have been added, ...)
  2. the Wiki is public, that means every one in the internet can read it. Unfortunately, some programmers want to keep their ideas secret. However, it's unlikely that they they would join the mail list, either.
  3. there is no notification when something has changed articles in the Wiki

There surely are more advantages / disadvantages. Depending on how many programmers want to take part and how many posts will be made / how many mails will be sent we will see what will be the best.

I haven't asked Minglw, yet. However, I hope we can convince many people to use this as "information center".

What are the topics you are interested in ? Personally, I think about:

  1. optimizer
  2. solver
  3. deadlock detection
  4. packing order algorithms
  5. general things (how to calculate the reachable player squares, how to store the board positions in a hash table, ...)

As soon as I will have some time I will continue writing new articles and completing the existing ones.

- Matthias

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