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Customized Tags for SokobanWiki

MediaWiki is a software that offers a package integrated for the content edition.
For luck, Mediawiki is a free-software, this means that the users can make the adaptation and modification, according to the preferences of each website.
Is interesting the idea of incorporating new tags, for the edition.
Example the tags to add contained multimedia, to add functions and dynamic actions to elements of the page.

Page related to add new tags.


Hi. That's great! These new tags are parsed by our own php functions. Hence, we can do everything with them that is   
possible to do using PHP. We should try that! 
For example, the forum at has a script for turning xsb to graphic output ->

Of course we have to be careful. Everyone (registered) can change the Wiki and therefore everyone can use those tags which will call the PHP functions. Hence, these functions must be secure regarding everything that can be passed as parameters (buffer overflow, escaped sequences, ...)

In all ways as road to enlarge the limitations of MediaWiki, the idea of creating customizable Tags is very good.

I had planned mainly to incorporate the tags HTML, but having knowledge of the language PHP; the limit will only be marked by the imagination.

The form of incorporating Tags or functions specifies, as "extensions" for Wiki, I find correct.
And I believe that those that can authorize these they will be the Administrators who can make modifications, as registering the new extensions.

Page related to the extensions.


Is it possible to use Javascript within the Wiki ?
Which tags should be implemented in PHP first ?
Seems we have a lot possibilities. We have to think about what is worth to be done. A dynamically created graphic of a level (which contains of "#$.*+..." would be great. This would avoid uploading a lot of graphics for different level graphics. Furthermore all level graphics would look the same. We can either implement this coding in PHP or use Javascript and CSS. However, I don't know how to to it using CSS ...

The use of Javascript in SokobanWiki

If is possible to use global Javascript in the wiki, the edition is allowed for the Administrators, like in the case of global CSS.

In general the modern documents of Internet, have different layers, example a document can have:

  1. the layer CSS
  2. the layer Script
  3. the structure layer HTML.
  4. the layer PHP in the dynamic generation of pages.

The personalized tags, in a principle will have the layer PHP for their interpretation for Parser of Wiki, to transform the tag in an image.

The resulting code; HTML and other layers (As CSS, Javascript) can be added.
CSS can be added to decorate the presentation, Javascript to give events and actions (as replay, in the case of solutions).

As they will be personalized tags, the use will have to be for an extension to the wiki; since this but easy to remind the tag LEVEL for the implementation.

Alternatively via script, also it is possible to be done snapshots, differentiating Tag PRE with a new class LEVEL.


Hey, that looks pretty good. I will ask Sokobano about the easiest way to implement that. already has a working xsb-to-graphic converter for the levels in PHP. Hence, I don't know whether it's easier to do it using PHP or using JavaScript. Maybe some users have deactivated JavaScript. Therefore it might be better to write an extension in PHP.


Customized tags with solution.

The possibility also exists of including the map with the solution, to be represented with an image.

     #  #  #  #
     #$.  .#$.#
 #####  #$ #  #
 #   #$ #  #$ #
 #   @ .#$.  .#
 #####  #  #  #

And the possibility also exists of to re-play a solution with Javascript.
To be functional this component should have controls to reproduce the solution ( Undo All, Undo, Redo and Redo All).
In internet I found a script, of a website that I don't remember the original location, but that has the basic functions.
In IE it works, but in Firefox works strange, but in this case as example works well.


New classes of style for SokobanWiki

From the incorporation of MediaWiki 1.9, a class of style in fact "wikitable", changed and it didn't work as class to decorate visually for the presentation of the tables of the wiki.

Of this situation the idea arises of incorporating generic classes of style for the tables and boxes.

The use of names of generic classes facilitates the continuous use in the edition, marking and highlighting sections specifies.

These changes were made:

  • The name of the class generic "wikitable" for "soko-table (a more general name)
  • The tag CODE and PRE were redefined the font and the border.
  • The tag PRE with class SCROLL has the possibility of a scroll, for cases that the content exceeds the width of the page.
  • New classes for boxes of information, as of notes (Classes: box, box2, box3, note, note2).
  • Also added the classes KBD (keyboard) to represent keys visually.
  • A class Small, with a very small font.
  • A class TITLE, for headed simple.
  • The line-height was corrected in the template TIP (info-text).
  • And the classes (margin, margin-2, margin-3) to adjust in combination with the boxes.

These classes will be overwritten on any skin.



class: title ; Letter
class: title-2 ; Letter
class box
class box-2
class box-3
class box-4
class box-5
class box-6
class box-7
class box-8 with class margin
class note with class margin-2
class note-2 with class margin-3

class : small ; Date 2007/02/11
class KBD : Ctrl+C
element: CODE ; if(template){ v=1 } else { v=0 }

element PRE with class SCROLL

class box-progress


class box-progress ; width: 200px


Great work! Thank you Solido!!!
- Matthias

The good use of Tags HTML in SokobanWiki

It's possible to activate HTML for the Wiki. However, I don't know whether this is a good idea. Does anybody know whether HTML offers any unsecure tags or any other reasons for not activating it ?
@Solido: Do you think it would offer a lot new possibilities if full HTML support is activated ?


Of course an option exists to activate raw HTML

Wiki - Raw HTML:

Related Page:

Is interesting the options for the edition for the users of SokobanWiki, without the "limitation" of the wiki-text.

MediaWiki for defect blocks the use, of tags IFRAME, FRAMESET, etc. But also the use of the tag IMG, COLGROUP, BUTTON, etc.

The reasons that MediaWiki exposes are that they are tags that insert external contents and for they are outside of the control of MediaWiki.
As the origin of Mediawiki is "encyclopedic", is logical the dislike for the dynamic and interactive contents.

But today internet and HTML are a group of multiple resources.

Another of the fears of MediaWiki, is of the vandalism. It is probable that for this reason they eliminate, raw HTML.
But the vandalism like the spam, they can be made by any user.
For the this the Administrators have the power of blocking the malicious users, as well as the eliminated content or changed by spam.

When referring to the dangerous tags, also one should think immediately of dangerous users.

The good use of Tags HTML, as the wrong use of the tags, this in the decision of the users.

Personally I don't believe that in general those that contribute in SokobanWiki, as programmers and soko-fans, have the idea of making spam or vandalism.

Raw HTML is an option to include calculation functions, like handling to actions dynamics on elements or sections of the page: tag SCRIPT. Inclusion of contained multimedia: tag OBJECT. To add styles on the columns of a table:Tag COL.

I imagine that limiting with the wiki-text to the users in the edition won't be in the future of the wiki.
SokobanWiki always offers opinion freedom, of proposals, ideas that are those that contribute to improve as page of modern soko-content.


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