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The Sokoban Level Generator "Sokogen"

My name is Jacques Duthen (sokobania).

In 1996, as my son Dimitri was 6 years old, I wrote, for him (and, in anticipation, for his young brother), the collection with their name "Dimitri and Yorick". I found it very painful to do this by hand (initially on the Trouville beach sand!). So, I wrote a program in my spare time to automatically generate sokoban levels. I called this program "Sokogen", which stands for "sokoban generator".
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This program was partially inspired from the Yoshio Muraso's paper.

The collections generated with "sokogen" are all called "sokogen-yymmdd", where "yymmdd" is the date when the collection is generated or finished.

I also wrote a program "pskm-print.el" (in emacs-lisp and postscript) to generate the postscript printable version of a collection of sokoban levels.

I've not modified my personal pages since many years, but, still, the page "interlude" refers to these program-generated levels:

For this interlude happening, I printed out (with pskm-print) different collections so that everybody can play (we had not enough computers).

Let me translate (the best I can!) this part of this page:


Play on paper

There will be several kilogrammes of sheets, with several copies of hundreds of small Sokoban levels (with an approximate size 7x7), i.e. enough material to keep us busy for some time.

To play on paper, please bring several coins of 10 centimes and one or two coins of ½ Franc (NDT: this was before the "euro" conversion) (or the other way around for the richer ones).

Available paper collections are:

   * the 41 levels by Yoshio Murase (hand made)
   * the 52 levels by Yoshio Murase (generated by computer)
   * my  61 levels (hand made for beginners)
   * my  78 levels Sokogen-990602 (generated by computer) 

and, exclusively worlwide:

   * my  153 levels Sokogen-990702
   * my  160 levels Sokogen-990917
   * my  ??? levels Sokogen-9911?? 


So, at this time (1999 november), I had 5 different collections. The first two collection can be found with internet:

  • "Dimitri and Yorick" (61 hand-made levels)
  • "Sokogen-990602" (78 sokogen levels)

The three other ones have not been (yet) released, though, I think, I sent "Sokogen-990702" to some game designer to include it in a sokoban game. In nov 1999, the last one was still in progress.

Presently (may 2009), I plan to rewrite the "sokogen" program from lisp to Objective-C or Java, but it would probably take some time...


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