The game SOKOBAN was created around 1980 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi in Japan for a computer game competition, which it won.
In 1982, the company "Thinking Rabbit" published the first commercial version of Sokoban. The company's president at that time was Mister Imabayashi.

The first Sokoban version for IBM-compatible PCs appeared in 1984. It was developed by Spectrum Holobyte and, even on the fast PCs of today, still runs without problems.

In 1989, Thinking Rabbit created "Sokoban Perfect", followed by "Sokoban Revenge" in 1991. Both versions were sold only in the Japanese market and currently includes 306 levels. Some of these levels appeared later in two Boxxle versions for the NINTENDO GameBoy.

Currently, there is an equivalent Sokoban game for almost every computer platform.

The 1984 version by Spectrum Holobyte included the 50 so-called "Original" levels.
Since then, more authors have created many new levels, including many extremely difficult levels, and have put the levels in level sets.

For example, Games4Brains has created a new level set with 100 levels every year since 1995. In addition, they have created a new level every month (called the "Level of the month") to delight their fans.